The Secret Reasons I write blog articles

This is the day to understand I write for my good reasons

Florian Clanet
5 min readNov 20, 2020


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Did you want, at some point in your life, to start writing articles?

I felt like this a few times already. Having some thoughts to write down in order to keep them alive, to expand them and to share the result with people…

There is no secret here, that’s the main reason I started blogging a few month ago.
At the beginning, I didn’t really have any idea of what I was willing to achieve.
The secret ingredient happens when step by step, I sharpened my vision and progressed in the understanding of what type of content I wanted to share. I am still on this improvement journey and I hope it will never end.

I decided to write this article after listening to Dr. Michaela Greiler talk (“How to successfully blog as a dev and grow your audience”) during one of the Hashnode writing Boot-camps. She talked about how important it is to know what your goals are, to be able to enjoy blogging on the long term.

Indeed, how to be successful at writing blog posts depends entirely on the reasons your are into blogging. Define your own goals depending on why you want to blog and focus on them seems like the right thing to do.

I did a little introspection and here is what I found out about my blogging drivers.

You can take the opportunity to do the exercise and compare with the following thoughts. You might see that everyone have different motivations.

Why I want to blog?

Learning journal / Build credibility

It started as a way to keep track of the topics I was learning.
I noticed it is easy to learn something at some point because I need it on the moment but it is at least as easy to forget it some weeks later.
Blogging made me think deeper about what I learn on the way. Did I understood this method entirely? Am I aware of the Pros/Cons of the solution I choose?

At the same time, I want the articles I write to help me build credibility on my favourite topics. It is always useful to be able to…



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