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  • ArtificialChat


    ArtificialChat specializes in the creation of AWS LEX Enterprise Chatbots. Our latest chatbot is at aws.glossary.chat also visit us at artificial.chat

  • Kisan Tamang

    Kisan Tamang

    A Developer with a passion for Serverless, & DevOps. Writes about Cloud, Programming, DevOps & more. Founded @TowardsAWS (towardsaws.com).

  • Emthy


    Emthy.com — Good insights for good life.

  • Code & Dogs

    Code & Dogs

    IT Architect with a passion for Marketing & Sales. Tech Enthusiast & Dog Lover.

  • Fikri Hakim

    Fikri Hakim

  • Tobias Schmidt

    Tobias Schmidt

    Software Engineer & Serverless Enthusiast, focusing on AWS & Azure as well as Kotlin & Node.js. Always learning & looking to meet people on the same journey!

  • Roman Khromin

    Roman Khromin

  • Alexandre Thau

    Alexandre Thau

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