Coin Backpack: thirdweb, next.js and sanity to help you with your first steps in crypto

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Florian Clanet
4 min readJan 31, 2022


Mid of 2021, I was trying some stuff to get a better overview of the web3 environment: understanding the main concepts, trying to take part in some projects, minting NFTs…
After a while, I switched my experimentations to the technical part: how to build some solidity contracts, building some buildspace projects, understanding how to set up a DAO…

Believe it or not, the last step (for now!) brought me the Hashnode Hackathon!

I read the article mostly by curiosity but I found out this hackathon was the occasion to set up a real application, get a little challenge and test some capabilities of thirdweb.

At this time, I only knew thirdweb from some Twitter posts and I was really curious about how it could make the developments easier.

I started to think about an interesting idea and I got some about NFTs, DAO…
I finally choose to build an opensource Coinbase-like prototype…

A few days after I started to develop a first draft on my spare time, this idea moved to building an open source educational project to help newcomers get a better understanding of how to deal with crypto tokens.

The links

The project is open source, open for contributions (even if I still need to improve the repository to help newcomers to contribute) and available on GitHub:

Find the deployed application here:

Coin Backpack application using some thirdweb features

The first steps

Here is a list of some key ideas I followed to build this project.



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