Challenge: My Resume in Azure

Why you should build to learn

Florian Clanet
9 min readMay 5, 2021


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The Challenge

Do you know about A Cloud Guru’ challenges?

This time the “My Resume in Azure” one hit me in the middle of my afternoon. I was going for a break after two productive hours when I saw the Gwyneth Peña S. post.

I’ll quickly have a look…

The goal is to publish a personal website, your online resume, based on Azure technologies and practice your Cloud skills in the process. You can see it as a hands-on lab where you need to do your research in order to make it happen.

I had very little experience building with Azure even if some theory was here somewhere in my head. This could be an opportunity to level up a bit.

Some time ago, I did part of the same challenge on the AWS side and despite being more confident, I still learnt about some topics.

So, no more thinking, I decided to go for it and try to learn a few things along the way!

This article won’t be a detailed tutorial but it will give some guidance and remarks about the path I followed to complete the challenge, but also about some experiments to test and learn with some “side quests” along the way.

If you want to have a look at the result, here are the interesting links:

The first view of my Azure hosted resume


  • Free Azure account

  • Free GitHub account

I already had a GitHub account

  • A domain from any DNS provider was ready!

  • A text editor like Visual Studio Code



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