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Florian Clanet
4 min readNov 10, 2020

Why you should not run into code as a first step

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When you have a new idea, you don’t want to lose it !

And when this idea is a web or mobile application, you probably don’t want to spend two weeks trying to build it. And then find out that it’s not really what you want.

I was in this situation a few days ago and I tried to find out what tools I could use to have a basic prototype. I wanted to make a support to be able to show and discuss my idea with other people.

My goal here was to find a free and easy tool. I was not ready to spend some time learning a complete new process.

I just wanted to get it done !

I looked for this tool on my favourite search engine. After reading some articles, I quickly find out that I could use Keynote or Powerpoint.

Indeed, I know those tools and I use them regularly to expose my ideas. This is the case for a lot of people and even if you are not a Keynote master, don’t run, the learning curve is friendly.

So why not giving it a try?

Keynote / Powerpoint

This is probably the more obvious solution but you still need to think about it. It is usually used to prepare presentations or to support courses.

But, isn’t a new application kind of a presentation ?

Yes it is !

Configure the environment

I grabbed a glass of water, breathed a little and tried to bring with me the whole world motivation to open Keynote (Spoiler: I regret nothing !).

After this little setup time, I configured my page to have a nice ratio for my target and I was ready to add some elements.

Just before that, however, I though it would be nice to have a phone template on my slides. It can help you to add some context but it is not mandatory. I went to Mokuphone to get my template phone and used the Instant Alpha feature to remove the background.



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